Just Before My Run

All right today we’re going to talk about what to eat and drink before your run. The key thing is timing. Timing is everything.

The most important thing you need to consider is how long has it been since you ate or drank something and what kind of a session you’re going to be doing!? Is it a short run? Is it a speed run? Is it going to be a longer duration run?

You need to plan ahead so that you’re giving your body to fuel that it needs our bodies can store a couple hours’ worth. So one to three hours’ worth of energy for our runs.

So if you’re coming from an overnight fast like if you’re going to be doing your run really early in the morning you have different fuelling, pre run fuelling needs. Then if you were running say at five o’clock or six o’clock in the afternoon – So take into consideration when you’re running and then look at what your body is going to need for that session.

So, pre run’ the number one concern is to make sure that you’re going in hydrated, that’s consuming a hydration beverage that has all of the electrolytes you need enough sodium to make sure that your body is able to sustain hydration levels. From there you want to look at the kinds of foods that you’re eating.

So, if it’s a short run you probably won’t need any fuel so if it’s under an hour your body has enough stored energy to get you through that, especially if you’ve eaten relatively close. If you’re coming from an overnight fast and you’re going to be doing a longer run you need to take into consideration how long that run is and what foods you’re going to need to give you energy.

It’s a speed session or maybe you’re running strengths or Hills, you might need some extra energy so those kinds of strength, Hill training, speed sessions something that has maybe some caffeine in it. So, that’s going to provide a little energy boost.

A little mental clarity you can also look for something that has simple sugars. So, some of those like some raisins or anything that’s going to give you an immediate boost in energy. The longer runs you need more sustainable fuel so more complex carbohydrates maybe some medium chain triglycerides fats such as coconut oil and possibly a little bit of protein depending on how long that runs going to be.

So, there are a lot of products out there that have that pre-workout mix so you can look for one of those you can also look to eat a better meal before your run but make sure you give yourself enough time to digest that food so a good one to two hours depending on how your stomach handles food.

Personally before a shorter run I don’t like to eat anything. Only if I’m doing a really longer session will I make sure to have some and in that case I like maybe some leftover sweet potato from the night before with a little coconut oil or I’ll have a piece of toast with some avocado on it mashed up avocado and that should get you through.


Out Run Your Excuses


The will to do anything comes from within yourself., You define your goals, you map out the journey. In my mind comparing yourself to your competitors or anyone else should never contribute to how you define yourself?

But it should be used [as] is a tool to drive improvement to push yourself to make the most of every little opportunity that comes your way.

I heard a quote from Mark Cuban and he said to work like someone is working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you.

And I was giving this some thought [obviously] [it’s] a powerful message and I started to apply it to my own [situation] and the first thing that came to mind was running.

It’s something I do every day [a] lot of the most important decisions I’ve made and ideas, I’ve come up with have occurred while running. So I started to think about when I’m at my best [right] [when] I’m working out and truly pushing myself.

Obviously, I set goals right. I look to stretch my limits my boundaries and I can do that on my own. [I] really don’t need anyone or anything but when I truly excel is when I feel those footsteps behind me.

When I know that if I [don’t] speed up, someone will run by and leave me behind as they go on for a faster time and this thought drives me insane.


Look, I know it’s just to run around the 400mtr practice track right? I’m downtown Bengalurean. I’m not at the Olympics. [I] get why it would seem a little crazy. But to me, it’s the same thing as a race starting, a business excelling at work.

It’s instilling the mentality that I will do whatever it takes to stay ahead. Regardless of how it’s perceived just like I do everything in my power to be that same [way] in all aspects of life. There are always footsteps behind me. That’s how I push to stay at the top of my game. If you’re not obsessed with getting better at doing more than everyone else – You will be left behind.


The sound of Footsteps is a reminder that you haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can do that you can completely transform. How you think of winning, and that’s how you will get what you want?

Listen every morning when you [wake] [up] you need to know that there are footsteps behind you that [a] million people want what you want?

They’re waking-up every day intent on doing what you do then are willing to put in the work. The best do that and then some right they step up. They’re willing to go further, be crazy. Put everything out there for their goals. [It] doesn’t matter how ridiculous it looks, Success is doing what it [takes].


And I know that’s vague. I know there isn’t you know an answer right now in [ten] steps? But you will find your way, you will stumble, you’ll fall but if you truly have [that] tenacity to outrun, to outwork everyone else the only thing left to do is win.

Surprise yourself, surprise everyone around you. They will be there, I promise only a step behind.

5 Ways A Morning Run Will Change Your Life

There are a million ties between running and success in life and I draw from the moths and because they present this unique opportunity to see the world differently to truly gain an advantage and that’s what success in ultimately about right!? Capitalizing on opportunities that are available to you when you wake up to run in the morning! Your heads clear and you’re not in the midst of the day’s complexities there’s no phones or any electronics it’s you and the ground under your feet. Life is sort of a simplest form.

I’m gonna discuss five ways to this sacred time it can be a platform for your success –

One is Momentum – If were to roll a ball down a hill! It’s going to pick up speed as it makes its way towards the bottom. That’s the very nature of momentum and running in the morning is the great way to figuratively get your ball rolling. As humans we feed off of accomplishments, so completing a run especially while the rest of the neighborhood is still waking up! It mentally puts you one step ahead of the pack, it pushes you from one small accomplishment to another to another. It ultimately springboards you to a more productive and worthwhile day.

Two is Reflection – All things whether good, bad, ugly and beautiful: they’re all a matter of perspective. So while you may be upset that your iPhone’s broken or you have to deal with some undesirable stuff at work, the reality is that someone somewhere would give anything for a glass of clean drinking water or you know if someone’s sleeping under a park bench. And my point is that it’s very easy to forget how much we have and how lucky we are. And it’s impossible to ever be successful if you’re not aware and grateful for what you have you’ll always have this emptiness as you go about your day. So while you are running take a minute and just think about everything that’s good in your life?? These mentalities can better help you to cope with the bad things that come up and relishing the good. You’ll feel grounded.

Three is Foresight – Imagine a professional sports team or athlete walking onto the field or cord without any game plan! It almost seems unfathomable. Well why that should be any different for you going about your day!? You know obtaining success doesn’t become tangible until you define your objectives. There’s the saying that – you can’t it a target that isn’t there. Paula Rahn is a great time to create that target takes a minute. Think about the three goals for your day! That’s it three. You’re relaxed, you’re calm it’s the perfect environment to think about the things that would make your day a success. You do this and you’ll be much more productive and efficient

Four is Competition – When you look at the most influential people who are living or have lived. Whether they’re politicians, entertainers or whatever, they all seems to have something in common. They’re constantly pushing themselves to be better and while I certainly don’t consider a morning run to be a race. There are elements associated with it that remind us of what success truly requires. When someone runs by you on the street! It should be perceived as a wake-up call and it’s not because you’re trying to break some record in your city at 6am but because it’s a reminder that no matter how hard you work someone is always working harder. There is always a higher level to reach and conquer. You can take this concept with you as you go about your day it can be the difference between mediocrity and excellence. You can always want a little bit harder, just remember that.

The last one is self-image – It’s pretty much common knowledge that exercising transforms from physical appearance but what’s even more important is how you feel about yourself when you’re disciplined and engaged in a consistent healthy lifestyle, you begin to see yourself as a go-getter. Human beings will always follow through on who they believe they are. The best example I’ve heard is if you take someone who quits smoking but they inherently believe they’re a smoker. They’re probably not gonna be able to break the habit. Now in the context of our example if you believe you’re someone who gets up early, stays fit, works hard, pushes yourself then that mentality will expand far beyond your morning run. It filters into all aspects of your life because you’re working hard to stay consistent with the person you think you are! You retain a winning mentality


If you can execute on these five things I guarantee you, you’ll see improvements in your life.

There is so much more right in front of you within your reach! You just need to recognize it and teach yourself to take it.

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Running is a vigorous form of exercise where you burn a lot of calories. After your run, your body requires adequate replenishment of calories to adequately replenish and rebuild muscle tissue.  Increasing your mileage means your body has higher energy and macro-nutrients needs, so your appetite will be raging even greater.

So what do you do to quiet the hunger beast? And how do you maintain, or even lose, weight while pounding out high mileage?

These 5 simple things helps replenish your losses, rebuild your muscles, and sustain lasting power, and keep you full, and not RUNGRY, for an extended period of time:

  1. Quality Counts

After a long run, and especially if you’ve waited too long to refuel, it’s easy to rationalize a junk food as an OK option. Remind yourself that your nutrition is an extension of your training plain and what you fuel your body with does impact performance.

Your post-workout meal should focus on higher amounts of protein and fat and grains that are high in fiber, all foods you likely avoided pre-workout. Foods rich in protein, fiber and healthy fats all impact your blood sugar less drastically than carbohydrates. This gives you longer lasting energy and less urge to reach for another snack. Nuts and avocados are a great choice.

I’m not saying never treat yourself, just don’t go overboard!

  1. Carbs and Protein

Carbohydrates and protein work together to keep your body healthy and functioning. The carbs you eat give you energy, while the protein builds muscles.

Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient for runners as they are the primary fuel source for your mind and muscles. So high-glycemic index foods like potatoes, pasta, bread, and rice are good choices for refueling muscles. Include one of those foods with a protein such as chicken breast, salmon or a few eggs and you’ve got yourself a solid post-run recovery meal.

  1. Choose whole fruits and vegetables

Fruits like wild blueberries, strawberries & oranges are rich in antioxidants and vegetables are well-known sources of fiber, such as broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, corn, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, avocado etc. Antioxidants help protect the body after periods of stress (running-induced counts) and fiber helps keep the digestive system happy, and us fuller.

Consume at least two servings of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables with each meal.

  1. Pay attention to timing

When we wait too long to eat after a workout we set ourselves up for failure. Waiting will likely lead you to overeating at your next meal and drive you to make less-than-smart nutrition-rich food choices. If you want to go hard your next run, consume food (80% carb / 20% protein) within 30 minutes.

If you want to lose weight, don’t consume food after a run; wait up to two hours if you can.

  1. Keep a food journal

The simplest way to track what you eat and drink is by setting up your journal in a notebook or downloading a food journal app on your phone.

Keeping a food log, even for just a few days, will allow you to not only be more mindful of exactly how many treats you’re having can help you assess areas you’re falling short, such as not enough protein or too few servings of fibrous vegetables.

It’s important to remember that healthy foods promote positive energy levels, tissue repair, muscle recovery, and so much more. With adequate caloric intake you will see not only faster recovery but also fitness gains. Follow hunger cues, fuel up with whole, real foods, and you’ll be ready to tackle the next workout on the calendar, and the rungry that follows!